One of the IB learner profile attitudes we strive to develop at TWIS is being balanced. We provide students with opportunities not just to acquire knowledge but to develop the skills, attitudes and mindsets to become active and productive internationally-minded 21st-century citizens.

This week’s special event called ShowCASE highlights the various after-school activities catering to our children’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, spiritual, artistic and creative growth. These activities engaged our students either to further their skills or allowed them to explore new experiences outside their comfort zone.

This week marks the start of our second semester for our Creativity, Activity, Service, and English Program, better known as CASE. The TWIS CASE program aims to provide students with a variety of activities that supplement each individual’s development and enhances their educational voyage at TWIS. Before we begin sharing all the excitement that the new semester offerings bring to our students, we should recap what happened during our first semester of CASE.

From the start of the school year, almost every student was participating in four different CASEs each week, ranging from Volleyball and Choir to Secrets of the Universe or Junior Chef. Throughout the weeks, students have been exposed to new experiences, challenges, or reinforced previous knowledge and skills. Even some have found a liking to an activity they had previously considered “uncool”.

During the ShowCASE, the club shared their accomplishments. We were treated to the slideshow, video presentations, yoga demonstrations, storyboards, comic book samples, and musical performances. As a finale, our CASE leaders recognized those students that had shown exceptional IB profiles during their lessons by presenting them with certificates of achievements.

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