Family Fun Fair

Different types of games and selling booths have brought TWIS campus into a carnival-like atmosphere. As one of our most 

TWIS Winter Festival Concert

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, one of the greatest Russian composers, once said, “Music is heaven’s gift to humanity.” The sudden and 

Parents in Classrooms

The growth and progress of a child cannot be separated from the joint efforts of parents and the school. To 

Field Trip to Science Center

Our grade 4 class trip to Guangzhou Science Center was to investigate and research innovation and inventions as part of our second PYP unit on How the World Works. It 

Teatime Concert

Teatime Concert at TWIS is organized on the afternoon of the last Friday of every month with students and teachers 

Celebrating Thanksgiving Day

Our Grade 1 students are learning about celebrations. One of them is Thanksgiving. In a wonderful Celebration of Learning Assembly 

Chinese Poster Presentation of ‘Welcome to my school TWIS’

In the evaluation of The World Around Me unit, our Chinese teacher organized the “I am a TWIS spokesperson” activity. 

Video Game Design

One of our extra-curricular activities is Video Game Design where students are challenged to be thinkers and problem solvers. Every week, students 

Field Trip to Canton Tower

As part of our PYP unit of inquiry on How We Organize Ourselves, we are looking forward to expanding our 

Class Teacher Day
Art Turner, Hannah Mon, Wed, Fri
Science Morrisey, Anna Sat, Sun
Atletics Turner, Hannah Mon, Wed, Fri
Football Edison, Molley Tue, Wed, Fri
Music Smiley, Barney Tue, Wed, Thu
Art Turner, Hannah Mon, Wed, Fri