Chinese Calligraphy Practice

Tungwah Wenzel International School (TWIS) celebrated the Chinese New Year through a series of traditional Chinese activities during the first week of February.

Why do we celebrate Chinese Culture Week? As an international school, we value cultural diversity, as well as the language, customs and traditions of our host country. Through this week-long celebration, both local and expatriate students learned to appreciate the richness of the Chinese culture.

TWIS is honored to invite Mr. Wang, an art teacher at Tungwah Senior High School, as our Chinese calligraphy practice teacher. With more than 30 years of teaching experience, he has brought us an exclusive calligraphy lecture and experience. PYP students learned how to write the character of “福” (“Fortune”) and four-character couplets. Our MYP students practiced writing seven-character couplets. What’s more, some students also combined calligraphy practice with couplet writing and created their own New Year couplets during the session.

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