Happy Children’s Day 2021!

I wish all our students a fun-filled Children’s Day. I encourage all our teachers, teaching assistants and parents to let go of the worries and stress and enjoy a day with childlike wonder and merriment.

——Ms. Ann, Head of School

TWIS celebrated International Children’s day, which is a day for everybody to think about children, help children know their own rights, and help create a friendly world for every child, no matter where they live or what religion they have.

As part of our Children’s Day Celebration, Parachute, Rock Paper Scissors Battle, Steal the Bacon, SOS Games, Capture the Ball……were all activities that prepared for our students. They had fun from one station to another station on the whole day!

The TWIS campus was filled with laughter and happiness on Children’s day. When playing games, students learned how to work in a team, how to care for others, and how to use their imagination and curiosity to explore the relationship between themselves and others, and between themselves and the world.

This is also what TWIS has always been about — building a learning community of happy, talented learners with a wide range of interests. TWIS wishes every student a happy childhood.

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