Grade 3 Research and Action at Toy Factory

As part of our current unit of inquiry, Grade 3 has been exploring the differences between goods and services. For research, they used both digital and physical resources found in our library. This research enhanced the inquiry process and deepened students understanding of goods and services.  
The unit will conclude with a student-led fundraiser through the sale of both goods and services for students to make the most of this opportunity. They agreed it would be in their interest to visit a company to experience how a product was planned, designed, produced and sold. 
We were very lucky to find different companies willing to host us, but ultimately our students chose Dongguan Heyu Toy Factory. The factory visit was a great hit among TWIS students who had the privilege to engage in the toy-making supply chain. They assisted the staff in cleaning and packing. Students asked questions regarding the process, discovering that toys begin as drawings on paper until they are packed in the box. 

Students demonstrated the IB learner profile of being good communicators with the factory staff. Grade 3 also reflected on how much time and effort goes into preparing a single product. Some students went further to ask if there is profit to be made from making one doll. Overall, this field trip provided a different perspective for our students, enhancing our inquiry and understanding. A very big THANK YOU on behalf of grade 3 to Heyu Toy Factory for opening their doors to education.

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