Grade 5 Inquires Into Ancient and Modern Technologies

Grade 5’s current PYP unit of inquiry is Where We Are in Place and Time and one of the things that the students are learning is about ancient and modern technologies.

On Thursday, 23rd of September, Grade 5 went to Dongguan Science and Technology Museum.  Through this trip, the children learned more about modern technology and the ways that it helps us in our daily lives. The students put into practice some of the IB learner profile attributes like being inquirers and thinkers whilst comparing and contrasting and making connections to what we have learned about ancient technology.    

The day before our field trip, students completed a visible thinking routine chart called ‘See, Think, and Wonder’ observing an ancient compass. It was wonderful to see their ideas, thoughts and questions about it. Also, to the students’ great surprise, they saw the ancient compass in the museum.

During our time in the museum, students observed ancient inventions (the compass, old phones and computers) as well as modern technology such as a dog robot, dancing robots, and a cooking robot. They made many connections, asked questions to the staff and upon our return to school, they completed a reflection where they shared some of the trip’s highlights and their further questions. It was a wonderful trip and it sure helped our students become thinkers and inquirers.

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