Judo: More Than Just A Sport

The sport of judo has grown to become an Olympic sport and is practiced in more than 190 countries where it is represented and officially presented by their own home associations. Judo athletes are referred to as Judokas.

Judo has a great impact on young children when it comes to their growth and coordination. Research has shown that judo highly increases motor skills, balance, grip strength, and back power. Mr. Nem has been practicing Judo for over 15 years, 13 of those when he competed at a high level. As he puts it: “Judo has only brought me joy and comfort in my experience, and it has helped me to grow into the person I am today…this is something I want my students to experience.” 

By offering Judo at TWIS, our students have the opportunity to develop and demonstrate the TWIS STRIVE value of self-discipline, as well as the IB learner profile attributes of being principled, risk-takers and knowledgeable. To be a Judoka means to demonstrate thinking skills while maintaining a high level of self-management and respect towards oneself and others.

Judo at TWIS begins with ‘baby steps’ in learning how to fall correctly, control body movement, and learn coordination through basic judo throws. The objective is to allow each student to develop a strong mind and body which will be able to fall to the ground and be able to get back up and try again… Just like in life. 

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