MYP Game Night

September 24th marked the completion of our first month of school during which TWIS received its accreditation from the International Baccalaureate Organization. On that occasion, TWIS held its very first GAME NIGHT event for all secondary school students. The activities took place on the top floor of building 4 and catered to all kinds of ‘gamers’. It ranged from Scrabble and Monopoly (Pokemon edition) to table tennis with, of course, some video games and exciting group dancing.  

Students who got tired could also watch movies related to games in the repurposed DP space. The great thing was to see students from different grades and their teachers playing along and communicating, thus building stronger connections.

The event was a perfect example of the importance of being balanced learners by taking care of students’ well-being outside of the classroom, as well as building our school spirit. Grade 9 and 10 students took this opportunity to organize and deliver a food sale in order to raise money for the local Red Cross as part of their Service as Action program. Their freshly-cooked chicken wings, fish balls and other delicacies are sold in no time.

The event was a huge success with almost all students attending and for most of them closing time was too early. No doubt that MYP GAME NIGHT will be back in the future and we have heard students wishing for a complete lock-in event.

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