Planting Papaya for a Cause

Grade 3 students have been engaging with the PYP transdisciplinary theme of Sharing the Planet. As they were reading and gaining knowledge about deforestation, students realized that there are some negative consequences if we cut trees. It made them sad when they realized that animals could lose their homes by removing trees. As part of their caring action,  students suggested that they should plant trees to provide us cleaner and fresher air, as well as help birds find new homes.

On March 15th grade 3 students and teachers visited Foling Lake and planted papaya trees. Students learned the procedure of planting and helping trees grow. They worked together digging holes, planting papaya trees and carrying water up the hill. By planting trees, grade 3 students helped out our community as well. Once the papaya fruits are ready for harvest in August; they will be donated to a nursing home for old people.

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