Soccer Friendly Match: TWIS vs Tungwah High School

An exhilarating soccer-friendly match was held between Tungwah Wenzel International School teachers and Tung Wah High School teachers recently. Mr. Que, Vice-principal at Tung Wah High School and Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Tung Wah Songshan Lake High School, and Ms. Ann, Head of School at Tungwah Wenzel International School, attended the Soccer Friendly Match and held the kick-off ceremony for the match.

The referee blew his whistle and the game began. Both teams played hard and showed their sportsmanship spirits of perseverance and courage in the athletics field, which won the cheers and applause of the audience. The exciting competition was a close call and the two sides drew 2-2 in the end.

As members of Tungwah Education Group (TWEG), the two schools share a common vision for education. The match takes soccer as the bond, promoting cultural communication and developing the friendship between teachers of both teams.

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