Trick or Treat at Book Character Parade

Welcome to TWIS Wonderland!

For those of you who, no matter whether a book fanatic or not, are engrossed in reading classic literature, you will be looking forward to the annual Book Character Parade at TWIS Campus. As one of the most anticipated events, Book Character Parade is the perfect opportunity for children and adults to live inside the exciting fantasy world of classic literature, dressing up as their favorite book characters.

Have you ever imagined meeting fellows from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry of Harry Potter, or listening to the amazing tales of ocean sailing shared by the free-spirited and sometimes unruly pirate Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean, or just saying “NO” to the witch from Snow White…? Seeing the happy faces of various book characters immersed in the atmosphere, TWIS community made the dream come to reality successfully! Students have brought literature to life, together with sharing their love and passion for reading which, we believe, will stay with our lifelong learners for their whole life!


“Knock, knock…Trick or Treat, please open the door!”

Another amazing activity of Trick or Treat was followed by Book Character Parade. Hordes of children, armed with pumpkin-shaped buckets and cases, flocked to different classrooms knocking on doors for CANDY! As one of the most well-known Halloween traditions, Trick or Trick offers a moment that allows for a little mischief. No matter you are adults who deliver candy, or children who ask for candy, all of you can reap the happiness and enjoyment of a fun-filled day.

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