Extra-curricular Activities

CASE (Creativity, Activity, Service, Expertise)

This time is commonly referred to as extra-curricular or after-school activities in most schools.  

CASE, however, intends to stand for much more than additional activities since its logic is rooted in the philosophy of the IB Diploma Program, the ultimate target for our students. At this stage, students are obligated to complete the Creativity, Action, and Service program amongst other requirements to be able to graduate. 

 At TWIS, students will begin to prepare for their diploma program from the first day they enter school. Being able to choose for each semester different strands of experiences which range from creativity to activity, service , language acquisition and expertise. Students will be encouraged to choose from a balance of these four strands. 

Supporting student growth as part of the school-wide curriculum is fundamental. Eliminating borders between subjects and grades, as multi-cultural staff can choose to share and teach their expertise and passions with the students. Allowing students to explore and develop ATL skills from a different perspective as well as providing them with the opportunity to exhibit their IB learner profile. 

 The school’s authorization to become an IB Continuum school came with commendations that help to highlight the strengths of TWIS’ CASE Program. Starting with “its development of a service-learning program (CASE, Service as Action) that will be integrated into the CAS program”. As well as “emphasize and support of the language development of students”. The allocation of resources to enhance student experiences, including a cooking classroom, woodshop, robotics lab, ceramics and music studio, judo gym, school farm, and garden amongst others that students will have the chance to discover and use. TWIS wants to make use whenever possible of the spaces and expertise of their staff available. 

Students that show the TWIS Values and demonstrate an IB Learner Profile attribute can receive an award as recognition. These are based on student merit and CASE leader selection. 

We are offering a variety of exciting activities for our students to choose from, including

Arts & Crafts


Musical Film Football Judo Video Game Design
Badminton Ceramics and 3D Art English Drama Literary Circle Ultimate Frisbee
Student Council Project Group Drama Club Basketball Chinese Chess and Board Games Sketching
Chinese Calligraphy Table Tennis International Cuisine Spanish Club Chinese Speech Club
Golf Junior Chef Origami Crafts PYP Pottery Chess
Checkers Fiber Arts