A warm welcome to the IB Diploma at TWIS,

Following our very successful DP authorization visit in September 2021, TWIS is very proud to be able to deliver an exceptional IB Diploma Program to its students starting August 2022 for our first students to graduate in May 2024.

The IB Diploma is the leading end of high school program for many schools as it provides a global recognition which makes it very easy to transition to top universities around the world, from the USA to Singapore or Hong Kong as well as from Germany to the United Kingdom.

It has been proven that the IB diploma  is more valued by university admission across the world which means that our students have a better chance to be accepted in the college top their choice and could even be awarded special benefits like scholarships or semester credits based on their DP scores and achievements.

IB Diploma graduates perform better in universities and have a much higher chance to complete their studies with a degree wether a Bachelor or Master.

At TWIS this is part of our mission to provide individual support for each student to transition from our school to secondary education by helping each student in the university application process.

We believe that our DP course offering is among the best in Asia as it has a clear emphasis and focus on subjects that can provide great employability for each of our TWIS graduates in a variety of fields.  As such we will be one of the only school in South China to offer Computer Science, Design Technology, Sports Science and Psychology in a nurturing yet challenging environment.

DP students will have their own dedicated work space and study area. Each student will be allocated a large desk and can benefit from a dedicated library corner for academic or university research.

Diploma students will also enjoy direct access to the University Counseling office, the CAS (co curricular and community service office) office and the IB coordinator’s office.

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