Science Day: Think, Inquiry and Practice

Everyone who lives in an era of rapid technological development cannot live without the influence of science in their daily lives. TWIS Science Day was held to make our learners understand the importance and relevance of science in our daily lives through experiments outside the classroom. The event was also held to create awareness about World Science Day normally celebrated globally on 10th November every year, highlighting the significance of science in society and its impact to peace and development. Students had a blast with the various activities prepared by the science team. Here are some of the highlights!

Non-Newtonian Fluid Experiment

Corn starch mixed with water forms a thick fluid (viscous) that does not obey Newton’s law of viscosity. Its flow depends on the amount of force or stress applied to it. Students had a chance to step on the fluid and feel that viscosity effect.

Paper Rockets

Students had to design their own paper rockets and launch them using air pressure from a sealed bottle. Most of the rockets flew from a range distance of 20-60 meters!

Rainbow Toothpaste

The experiment requires hydrogen peroxide, dry yeast, and food color. When mixed colorful bubbles were produced, similar concept to that of toothpaste.

 Lava Lamp

This experiment required water, cooking oil, food color, citric acid, and baking soda. When mixing the colored water bubbles moved through oil, it will create a phenomenon like that of lava erupting in a volcano.


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