MYP French Class in The Kingdergarten

MYP students from the French class were invited to the kindergarten class to share their love for the French language and conduct an activity. After the two groups introduced each other with a giant microphone it was time to learn new words for a location like sur (on), dans (in), devant (in front) and derrière (behind).

To make it more interactive, students had to make a specific move for each new word under the careful eye of our MYP students. Then it was time for the challenge: MYP students pronounced the words and the kindergarten had to do the correct movement with their eyes closed. It was a lot of fun. Finally, everyone sat in circle as the MYP students shared the booklet they had created for the visit. They were all paying attention!
After saying goodbye or “A plus” Bella, a grade 9 student mentioned that she has learned as much as the Kindergarten did.  This session was both an enjoyable and meaningful learning experience for both groups. MYP will be back in kindergarten soon!
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