Field Trip to Canton Tower

As part of our PYP unit of inquiry on How We Organize Ourselves, we are looking forward to expanding our learning about cities, their organization, their needs and wants. This week, our Grade 1 students visited Canton Tower of Guangzhou, making full use of community resources to carry out inquiry activities.


We visited the exhibition of how Canton Tower was constructed,took the express elevator to the top of Canton Tower, admired the whole Guangzhou landscape at a height of 450 meters. Moreover, we got the opportunity to enjoy the world’s highest observation ride of Bullbe Tram and felt the pulse of the city from 360 degrees.


Through different forms of inquiry activities, our first graders have gained a deep understanding of the cities around us. They also realize that we, as individuals, have countless ties with society. For a community to function, every single individual has the responsibility to each other.

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