PYP Behind The Scenes: Wonders of Science, Where Exploration Begins

Children are natural scientists. They love to explore and understand the world around them by asking a lot of questions. This month, our PYP students have the opportunity to unleash their inner scientist with fun and exciting hands-on activities at Ms. Lesli’s lab. 

From the moment students entered the lab, they were excited about what they were going to discover. The science lab was like a magical place for students. Especially when Ms. Lesli was demonstrating the experiments, everyone was amazed and asked, “How did Ms. Lesli do it?”. With their safety goggles on, students looked like real scientists to conduct awe-inspiring experiments under the supervision of teachers.

Science education from a young age is essential for developing students into critical thinkers and lifelong curious learners. Below, Ms. Lesli explains what science exploration is about, and why this experience is valuable to students and herself.

Ms. Lesli  |  Science Teacher — About Science exploration…

Science exploration is about developing a better understanding of the physical and biological aspects of the world. 

  • In this activity, students were given the chance to experience hands-on activities that develop their scientific skills and processes.
  • In this exploration, students were able to correct misconceptions in learning Science concepts and were able to relate previous experiences to the concepts learned.

Seeing their amazed faces while doing the experiments and talking about it as they move out from the laboratory reminds me of my curious mind when I was still a child. It also motivates me to prepare more wonderful activities to make learning fun and memorable for them.

1. Bubble-logy  | The Concepts of Surface Tension

How many bubbles can you make inside a big bubble?

Glycerin makes the soap solution’s skin in a bubble thicker. So when glycerin is added, you can blow bigger bubbles and they last longer.

2. Spooky Fog | States of Matter

Observe the dry ice in warm vs cold water

The hotter the water, the more spooky fog will be created.

3.  Milk Rainbow | The Concepts of Surface Tension

What will happen when you touch the tip of the soapy cotton swab to the milk?

The soap changes the surface tension of the milk, and this change in surface tension causes the food coloring to move away from the cotton swab.

4.  Magic Magnets & Electric Circuits | Fundamentals of Physics

How many ways can you play with magnets?

How does a bulb light up in a circuit?

Let’s do some experiments to discover the answers!

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