‘Bee’ Engaged in Our Environment

As one of the most industrious creatures on the planet, bees help distribute seeds and pollen, which protect the biodiversity on the planet. In order to raise awareness about bees and other natural pollinators, the United Nations declared May 20 as World Bee Day in 2018. On this year’s World Bee Day, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has chosen the theme of “Bee engaged: Build Back Better for Bees”.

As part of their inquiry unit on Sharing the Planet, G1 students organized a Celebration of Learning Activity (COLA) on May 20, where they dressed up as “little bees” to celebrate World Bee Day.

G1 students prepared a variety of activities for PYP students, teachers and parents. In addition to the fantastic Bee singing and Bee dancing performances, they introduced the biological structure of bees, the relationship between bees and the environment, and the difficulties faced by bees in detail according to the knowledge they learned and understood. We are so proud of our G1 students!

After the assembly, the audience were treated with a glass of lemonade with honey, prepared by the Grade 1 students themselves. Thank you very much Grade 1 for BEEing so nice to us!

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