G9 Bake Sale & Red Cross Donation

During the course of the year, the G9 EIP students investigated natural disasters in the Individuals and Societies (I&S) class. They explored life after the Fukushima tsunami and the city of Pompei frozen in time by the deadly volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

However, the part of the unit that got their attention the most was the one on epidemics because we are currently living in one. First, they made extensive research on the origins, the science, and the consequences that the Covid-19 pandemic has in our lives. Then, they presented their knowledge and understanding in front of their parents and teachers in early February.

Because they felt a personal connection to the topic and also inspired by the successful experiences of other students’ efforts, they wanted to do something concrete to help health professionals dealing with this crisis. They decided to organize a bake sale on the second Monday of April. They bought the ingredients together during the weekend and cooked the food at school from Sunday night until Monday morning in order to be ready for their sale scheduled during the morning snack time.

Needless to say that this was a huge success as people rushed to buy cola chicken wings, lemon soda, and homemade cookies. On that day they raised a total of RMB 3110. The following week with the help of two parents, they went to the Red Cross Dongguan where they delivered the money. Students understood that their learning put into action can help improve other people’s lives. No doubt that this learning experience will stay for a very long time with them.

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