Restore Our Earth at TWIS: Earth Day, Every Day.

TWIS celebrates Earth Day with the rest of the world last Thursday. This year’s theme is ‘Restore Our Earth’, hence all our fun-filled activities are centered in making sure we are raising awareness of the little things that we can do to protect our planet.

Planting with Milk Cartons 

With our community project coordinator, students planted vegetable seeds using milk cartons. Once the seedlings appear, we are planting them in our vegetable gardens.

Paper Making

Our students gathered used papers to create new ones under the guidance of Grade 5 who learned this skill through their unit of inquiry on Sharing the planet.

Recycled Boat

In preparation for the Dragon Boat festival, our students created boats using items found in our Material Recovery Center. We have a dedicated space at school where staff and students drop off items that can still be used by others, or any items that can serve as arts and crafts materials to lessen the need to purchase new objects.

Clay Artworks

With our art team, students created pieces of artwork using clay. Most of the work were a homage to the beauty of nature that can serve as a reminder that they are precious and fragile.

Waste-no-water Games

Our PE teachers prepared some physical activities such as water sponge tag, waste-no-water relays and landfill to teach the importance of recycling.

Silent Swap

Students participated in a Silent Swap by bringing previously-loved items that were exchanged with their peers. Swapping is an eco-friendly practice as it helps decrease the garbage at landfills, and lowers industry production of objects which eventually decreases pollution.


The day ended with the movie screening of Wall-E, a 2008 computer-animated science-fiction romantic comedy film that gave a glimpse of how the earth could turn out due to massive destruction. It certainly made the audience become teary-eyed and left with a lot to think about.

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