Chinese Calligraphy Competition on UN Chinese Language Day

April 20 is the date of Guyu (“Rain of Millet”) of the 24 solar terms in the Chinese lunar calendar. It is also the annual Chinese Language Day established by the United Nations. The first Chinese Language Day held by the United Nations in 2010 aims to further expand the influence of Chinese as the official language of the United Nations, and to let more and more people of different cultures get to know and understand the ancient culture.

There are many ways to celebrate Chinese Language Day, one of which is Calligraphy. Our Chinese Department has organized an interesting school-wide calligraphy competition and our students wrote ancient poems such as “Qing Ming” and “The Reed“.

Calligraphy is an important part of Chinese culture. Following the words, students learn the structure and recreate the characters according to their own understanding. Through the window of calligraphy, we can understand the meaning and culture behind poetry.

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